About Us

One of the many things I love about being a teacher is getting to use my creativity each and every day. Whether it be creating a bright and welcoming classroom, designing resources to help a child's learning or coming up with an answer to a completely random question without even flinching, there is some creativity in every day. I love teaching because every day is a school day where we learn, grow and inspire.

My Teacher Says started in 2020, when the universe put normality on hold and gave us the opportunity to grow and explore ideas that had always been a dream. When I was a pupil in primary school, my mum told me that my favourite phrase was "but my teacher said…", followed by something that absolutely must be correct, because my teacher said it. As a child, everything your teacher says has the power to influence and inspire, which is why positive reinforcement is so important for learners.

Our goal is to provide positive feedback stamps that encourage learners and spark joy. We know that marking can pile up while you focus on supporting your class. Our pre-inked stamps are created with that in mind and are designed to save you as much time as possible when marking.

In today's current climate, we are aware of how important it is to protect our planet. Therefore, we are proud to only use materials in our packaging that can be recycled.

Thank you for supporting my dream.